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Discover limitless possibilities and expand your influence by joining the A\VRIO Media Ecosystem. Unlock new opportunities like becoming a participating kiosk location, advertising with A\VRIO, or adding an A\VRIO screen to your rideshare vehicle. Embrace the power of immersive media and propel your business to greater heights with A\VRIO Media.

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Become a Kiosk Location

Become an A\VRIO Media Kiosk Location and unlock a world of benefits for your business without any upfront costs. By partnering with us, you can have our state-of-the-art kiosks integrated into your business location, earning you $250 per month. But that’s not all. Our partnership offers numerous advantages, including increased foot traffic, boosted revenue streams, and a competitive edge in your industry. With A\VRIO, you’ll enjoy the perks of additional income and enhanced business performance, all while providing a cutting-edge experience for your customers. Join us today and reap the rewards of a fruitful collaboration.

Monthly Income

Unlock a steady monthly income with A\VRIO Media. Earn $250 per month by hosting our kiosk in your business location.



Increase Traffic

Experience a surge in traffic with A\VRIO Media. Our ALMAX app puts your business on the map, attracting users who actively seek out locations to scan QR codes and claim rewards. Get ready for an influx of customers and increased footfall to your business location.

Increase Revenue

Boost your revenue with A\VRIO Media. By offering users extra points and XP on the ALMAX app for purchasing from participating business locations, you’ll see a significant increase in sales and overall revenue. Maximize your earning potential and watch your profits soar with A\VRIO Media’s enticing incentives.

Competitive Advantage

Gain a competitive advantage with A\VRIO Media. With the ALMAX App, users are more inclined to choose participating businesses, thanks to the ability to scan and earn valuable points exclusively at our locations. Stand out from your competitors and attract a loyal customer base by offering this unique incentive that sets you apart. Dominate your market with A\VRIO Media and leave your competitors in the dust.

Rideshare Drivers

Attention rideshare drivers! Maximize your earnings and join A\VRIO Media Screens today. By installing our innovative screens in your car, you can earn an additional $250 per month on top of your regular rideshare program. With A\VRIO, you’ll transform your vehicle into a mobile advertising platform, allowing you to monetize your rides and boost your income effortlessly. Take advantage of the downtime between trips and turn your car into a rolling billboard, capturing the attention of passengers and pedestrians alike. Join A\VRIO Media Screens and start earning more while you drive.

Monthly Income

Earn a steady monthly income with A\VRIO Media. Rideshare drivers can add our screens to their cars while working and receive $250 per month for the duration. Turn your rideshare vehicle into a lucrative advertising platform and boost your earnings effortlessly with A\VRIO Media.

Review Boost

Give your business a review boost with A\VRIO Media. Our engaging screens create a fun and immersive experience for your customers, leading to better reviews and positive feedback. Enhance customer satisfaction and watch your reputation soar with A\VRIO Media’s captivating displays.

Advertise with A\VRIO

Attention brands! Supercharge your advertising strategy with A\VRIO Media and unlock unparalleled benefits at an unbeatable price. For just $250 per month, with no commitment period, you can reach a wider audience, drive traffic to your website, boost your revenue, and gain invaluable analytics tracking. But that’s not all – partnering with A\VRIO also means double the points and XP with the ALMAX app, maximizing your chances to claim exciting rewards. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to elevate your brand and propel it to new heights. Join A\VRIO Media today and experience the power of immersive advertising.

Increase Traffic

Drive traffic to your website with A\VRIO Media. Through our app, users are incentivized to scan the QR Code placed on your app, collecting points to redeem exciting rewards. Experience guaranteed website traffic as users engage with your brand and explore what you have to offer. Maximize your online presence with A\VRIO Media and watch your website traffic skyrocket.

Analytics Tracking

Gain invaluable insights with “Analytical Tracking” from A\VRIO Media. Unlike traditional advertisements, our platform provides you with comprehensive data on who viewed your ads, when they did so, and where. Harness the power of data-driven advertising and make informed decisions to optimize your marketing strategies. Embrace the future of advertising with A\VRIO Media’s analytical tracking capabilities.

Increase Revenue

Skyrocket your revenue with A\VRIO Media and the ALMAX App. As traffic to your business increases, so does your earning potential. But that’s not all – A\VRIO takes it a step further by incentivizing users to make purchases with extra points. Increase your sales and boost your bottom line with this powerful combination. Get ready to experience a significant revenue surge with A\VRIO Media and the ALMAX App.

Double Points & XP

Multiply your rewards with A\VRIO Media. Advertisers who are also app users can enjoy the advantage of earning double points and XP. Collect points faster and unlock rewards sooner with this exclusive benefit. Join A\VRIO Media as an advertiser and reap the advantages of accelerated rewards.

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Our Integrated Network

A\VRIO Media is a digital advertising company that provides cutting edge solutions for brands and businesses. With our engaging and interactive digital displays, we empower business owners to build strong and lasting relationships with their customers. With ALMAX, we created a unique ecosystem that allows business owners to diversify and increase their traditional revenue streams, reinvent your customer experience, and thrive in this new digital-centric era.