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Easy and user friendly map that shows you which locations have our digital kiosks that are ready to scan. Green means ready!

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Use the in APP QR code scanner to easily scan any of the advertisements on the A\VRIO Media Digital Kiosks. If the QR Code has an "A\" in it, you can scan it.

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Use your point rush points to claim rewards. Rewards are in the award tab of the app. See what rewards we have and redeem!

Trusted Trailblazers and Groundbreaking Companies

AVRIO Media is a digital advertising company that provides cutting edge solutions for brands and businesses. With our engaging and interactive digital displays, we empower business owners to build strong and lasting relationships with their customers. With ALMAX, we created a unique ecosystem that allows business owners to diversify and increase their traditional revenue streams, reinvent your customer experience, and thrive in this new digital-centric era.