Rideshare Drivers

Earn Extra Cash While You Entertain Your Passengers

Brighten up boring trips with ALMAX, earn higher driver ratings, and increase your revenue


Our world is digital. We’re all connected through sophisticated systems that you can use to enhance the customer experience more easily than ever before. Use the valuable real estate in your rideshare vehicle to earn extra cash, keep your riders entertained, and earn 5 stars for every single trip.

Get Paid Now

Not only do you receive a free tablet to elevate your rider’s experience, but you get paid to do so! With a quick and easy installation, you can receive monthly payments of up to $250. APPLY NOW

How It Works

AVRIO Media’s rideshare partner program was created for rideshare drivers as an opportunity to earn additional income by installing an ALMAX tablet in their vehicle for riders to interact with.The tablet displays ads, which make money for AVRIO Media and for you. AVRIO Media then shares its revenue with partners, allowing you to earn extra income each month.


The screen will be powered by the vehicle’s auxiliary power outlet.

Rideshare drivers will earn points each time a rider scans advertiser QR codes. In addition, drivers can earn referrals by bringing new users onto the app, earning themselves commission dollars, unique experience points and rush points.

The program offers unlimited earning potential. The more people you tell about the A\VRIO opportunity, have them download the app and place under your referral

list, the better. Additionally if you place advertisement on the platform, you can double your earnings. Remember, you can earn points to redeem cool gifts and prizes, commission and ultra exclusive luxury experience points.

Trusted by Trailblazers and Groundbreaking Companies

AVRIO Media is a digital advertising company that provides cutting edge solutions for brands and businesses. With our engaging and interactive digital displays, we empower business owners to build strong and lasting relationships with their customers. With ALMAX, we created a unique ecosystem that allows business owners to diversify and increase their traditional revenue streams, reinvent your customer experience, and thrive in this new digital-centric era.