Purchase & Lease Program

Where any stakeholder can take advantage of a new revenue flow and audiences have emotional connections with ads, rather than just consuming them.

Join Us and Be a Part of the Revolution

We’re revolutionizing the digital advertising industry, and we want you to join us! Whether you just want to give it try or are ready to fully engage, we have an option that will suit your needs and your budget. 

Get Started in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1

Purchase Kiosks from Signfastic

Step 2

A\VRIO Media leases them to retailers and puts them in strategic, high-traffic areas to display ads.

Step 3

Earn revenue every month from A\VRIO Media!

Referral Program

Know someone who is interested in the Purchase & Lease Program? Refer them to us and earn an extra 10% referral bonus!


Reach out and a member of our team will explain just how easy it is to harness the power of digital technology and start earning a return on your investment.

Our concept can be expanded anywhere in the world with strong retail centers. The potential is limitless. Wherever you are, A\VRIO Media will work for you.



Our easily replicable model localizes well across cultures. From Denver to Dubai, every city, mall, and shop with foot traffic can be a strategic location for a kiosk. The possibilities are endless.

Pure Program

With the Pure Purchase and Lease program, you will receive pure cash return. All you have to do is:

1. Choose the quantity of kiosks you want to purchase.

2. Automatically lease your kiosks to A\VRIO Media

3. Receive $50/month, per kiosk for 12 months


Boost Program

With the Boost Purchase and Lease program, you receive Cash Return as well as accumulate XP.

1. Choose the quantity of kiosks you want to purchase.

2. Automatically lease your kiosks to A\VRIO Media

3. Receive $37.5/month per kiosk and 12.5 XP/month per kiosk


We are open to investors with $30,000 and above. This allows for investors to participate with a purchase of only 10 screens. Of course with the lease payments we offer investors, many choose to participate at a higher dollar amount to better take advantage of the opportunity

You can select any time period that fits your desired return. The maximum length we offer is 24 months as we unilaterally will end the monetary lease payments at that time. Remember that original screen purchase funds can be returned at any point however the monetary lease payments to you will end.

The maximum purchase/lease back we offer is 24 months.

We have a very flexible program that allows you to select your desired lease pay out and frequency of pay out.


MONTHLY Pay out: 20% Return on Lease

QUARTERLY Pay out: 30% Return on Lease

BI-ANNUAL Pay out: 35% Return on Lease

ANNUAL Pay out: 40% Return on Lease

Since you are purchasing the hardware(screens) and leasing it to Avrio to use with our established customer base, you are the owner of the hardware(screens). The funds provided by the advertisers are shared with you as the screen owner at the agreed upon lease payout. It is very similar to the Turo car rental program. It is not necessary to be an accredited


Purchase & Lease Packets

Our Integrated Network

A\VRIO Media is a digital advertising company that provides cutting edge solutions for brands and businesses. With our engaging and interactive digital displays, we empower business owners to build strong and lasting relationships with their customers. With ALMAX, we created a unique ecosystem that allows business owners to diversify and increase their traditional revenue streams, reinvent your customer experience, and thrive in this new digital-centric era.